Definition of ring-bound in US English:



  • Bound in a ring binder.

    • ‘He put two dollars on the counter and pulled a pen and a small, ring-bound notebook out of his shirt pocket, in which he began scribbling madly, offering up a quick prayer at the same time.’
    • ‘He scrutinised some sort of list that was contained in his ring-bound notebook.’
    • ‘Sheets upon sheets of paper collected around her, constantly falling from ring-bound notebooks, charcoal sketches, short, gasping poems, stories that continued from one notebook to the other.’
    • ‘To perform approved maintenance on an engine, a shop must have the proper overhaul manuals, huge ring-bound books which are never cheap.’
    • ‘The design, ring-bound but with a hardback cover, is ideal for a manual which will be well-thumbed, while basic techniques are explained practically with easy to follow colour diagrams from the beginning.’