Definition of rimrock in US English:



North American
  • An outcrop of resistant rock forming a margin to a gravel deposit, especially one forming a cliff at the edge of a plateau.

    ‘archetypal cowboy terrain—tableland, rimrock, canyons’
    as modifier ‘a gap in the plateau's rimrock cliffs’
    count noun ‘they stopped for lunch on a rimrock overlooking a stream’
    • ‘Dominant features of the refuge include freshwater marshes, lakes, meadows, alkali flats, rimrocks, and sagebrush and juniper uplands.’
    • ‘Wildlife inhabits the rimrock, and golden eagles soar above.’
    • ‘The ranch's riding trails head off through open forest toward the Marble Mountain foothills or along rimrock canyon edges with bracing views of Fraser River and the Chilcotin area.’
    • ‘The sun was just coming up over the rimrock as I stepped from my room at the Longhorn Palace Saloon and Hotel onto the upstairs balcony.’
    • ‘As the mountains pushed up, the river cut deep canyons, the rimrock of which shows 400 million years of erosion.’
    • ‘As the trio neared the top of the ridge, they found their way blocked by a wall of rimrock.’