Definition of rimfire in US English:



  • attributive Relating to or denoting guns whose cartridges have the primer around the edge of the base.

    ‘a modern .22 rimfire rifle’
    ‘small copper-colored rimfire cartridges’
    • ‘The hammer is equipped with a manual firing pin selector, which allows the shooter to use rimfire and centerfire barrels on the same frame.’
    • ‘It is the longest straight-walled rimfire cartridge in production, and getting an even wall thickness is difficult and critical.’
    • ‘These early Ballards were all chambered for rimfire cartridges, and featured an external, manually operated extractor.’
    • ‘At this time I had the chance to test fire a variety of their rimfire loads.’
    • ‘Increases occurred in shotshell and centerfire rifle cartridge sales, while rimfire ammunition sales sagged.’