Definition of rigorism in US English:



  • 1Extreme strictness in interpreting or enforcing a law, precept, or principle.

    • ‘He worked with rigorism accentuated by simple form and minimalist details.’
    • ‘It is self-scourging rigorism of an extreme kind.’
    1. 1.1 (in the Roman Catholic Church) formerly, the doctrine that in doubtful cases of conscience the strict course is always to be followed.
      • ‘A ‘dubious rigorism’ led some in the early church to condemn recourse to secular therapies, and monastic communities at times have used only prayer and other spiritual remedies to treat bodily illness.’
      • ‘By contrast, the sort of Church that Montanus offered was one of ecstatic prophecy, immediate eschatology, ascetic moral rigorism, and, at the same time, institutional chaos.’
      • ‘Nevertheless the rigorism of his ascetic resolve was never relaxed.’