Definition of rigidness in US English:



  • See rigid

    • ‘In fact, the real paradox and irony is that the world is becoming more and more complex, more and more multidimensional, yet what we want is certainty, we want more and more certainty, we want rigidness, we want one answer.’
    • ‘At this distance, I could see the frozen rigidness of her body and felt guilt deepen further.’
    • ‘According to Malone, the Methodists ‘stood ready to assist in the rebuilding of a new church free of the anarchy and rigidness of the past.’’
    • ‘Although it is too early to tell, I would associate Katherine with a degree of rigidness, perfectionism, and inflexibility.’
    • ‘Nelson stood and stretched his muscles, stiff from the prolonged still position and the rigidness of the chair, and went over to check on his sleeping son.’