Definition of righty in US English:



North American
  • 1A right-handed person.

    • ‘We left-handers are considered more creative than them righties.’
    • ‘I'm a righty, so I lead with that side of my body, thus my right side is a little bit larger than my left side.’
    • ‘Or, are you a righty who wishes he had been born a lefty?’
    • ‘It is thought that this is because right-handed people are not used to facing lefties because there are fewer of them, while left-handed people play against righties most of the time.’
    • ‘You have to know your opponent: whether he's a righty or a lefty, whether he throws straight punches, or if he's a guy that holds on.’
    • ‘Since I'm left handed and she's a righty, we share a pair as we find it's easier to wear one glove when removing leaves.’
    • ‘The May Medal is to be played on Saturday week with Lefties versus righties.’
    • ‘It was a little difficult because he was a lefty and I was a righty but we had managed before and we did this time.’
    • ‘Another result concerning handedness of the progeny of discordant monozygotic twins suggests that lefties are one gene apart from righties.’
    • ‘You'll be able to isolate which pitchers do best with three, four or five or more days rest; how they do against lefties or righties and which tend to perform best before or after the All Star Game break for example.’
    • ‘The tournament was broken down into weight classes for men and women, as well as for righties and lefties.’
    • ‘These clever machines can be set for backhand, forehand, approach and volleys - for lefties or righties - and they exist only at two places in the country.’
  • 2A rightist.

    • ‘And for the gun maniacs out there, I am neither a lefty nor a righty, nor do I belong to any political party or affiliation.’
    • ‘‘There is only one voice being heard, which is the voice of the extremists, the righties on their side, calling for war,’ the student said.’
    • ‘Allow only lefties to review books by other lefties, as righties are too opposed to their views to give them a fair hearing?’
    • ‘Thus the righties are more inclined to sing one tune - the tune of those in positions of authority - and lefties are more inclined to have many, varied perspectives on any given issue.’
    • ‘However, there is a fundamental difference in the philosophies of lefties and righties that makes righties more tolerant of corporate corruption.’
    • ‘I'd say we righties aren't predictable mainly because we don't bitch very much - we just run things, like businesses, or countries.’
    • ‘However to all you righties out there this is just a start to how we attack this issue.’


  • With the right hand or as customary for a right-handed person.

    ‘he bats righty’
    • ‘He also would bowl the first ball right-handed and challenge himself to pick up the spare left-handed, then starting lefty and finishing righty.’
    • ‘What I always tell lefties is if you can possibly play righty do so.’