Definition of righto in US English:


(also righty-ho)


  • Expressing agreement or assent.

    ‘“Coming to pick up the kids?” “Righto.”’
    • ‘Scatter your vocabulary with words such as ‘righty-ho’, ‘lovely’, ‘super’ and ‘artichoke’’
    • ‘I exercise my right to say ‘right-ho’ whenever I feel like it.’’
    • ‘Anyway, thanks a bunch to those of you who have still stuck around. I know I'm a pain for taking so long to update, but it's not really my fault, righto?’
    • ‘I'm perfectly happy to say ‘righto Geraldo, you just keep on Geraldo-ing over there in Afghanistan.’’
    • ‘‘Yeah, righto,’ he said, adding with the sneer still in his voice, ‘I suppose you can swim, can you?’’
    • ‘‘Righto,’ I say. ‘Let's do it.’’
    all right, alright, very well, of course, by all means, sure, certainly, absolutely, indeed, affirmative, in the affirmative, agreed, roger
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