Definition of rightness in US English:



  • 1The quality or state of being morally good, justified, or acceptable.

    ‘they argue for the moral rightness of overthrowing the leader by force’
    • ‘These Shakers were convinced of the unique and overpowering rightness of their religion.’
    • ‘It speaks from a limbo whose inhabitants have uncomplainingly accepted the rightness of the judgement that placed them there.’
    • ‘The producers never glossed over the rightness of the civil rights cause.’
    • ‘No nation had more confidence in the rightness of its religion than Sweden.’
    • ‘Because authority figures emanate an aura of rightness, their actions cannot easily be challenged.’
    • ‘Prophetic language at its best recalls our moral commitments, our sense of rightness.’
    • ‘It ends up being more a plea for tolerance than a scathing indictment of self-important religious rightness.’
    • ‘Discourse ethics tries to explain the internal relation between rational acceptability and moral rightness.’
    • ‘People in the world of health and medicine sometimes become carried away by the obvious rightness or righteousness of their cause.’
    • ‘This broad consensus about the rightness of the war was not fundamentally eroded over the next four terrible years.’
  • 2The quality or state of being true or correct as a fact.

    ‘they are convinced of the rightness of their theories’
    • ‘Each is sure of himself and of the rightness of his views.’
    • ‘There is an important difference between rightness and mathematical properties.’
    • ‘Perfection here is the blissful rightness of every note.’
    • ‘In a precisely similar way, we see the prima facie rightness of an act which would be the fulfilment of a particular promise.’
    • ‘We are called upon to regard this as the common and immutable measure of rightness in nature.’
    • ‘The principle of moderation, it is affirmed, is the mathematical expression for rightness.’
    • ‘I am as sure of the rightness of mathematics as I am about anything—not totally sure, but very close.’
    • ‘The absence of doubt of the rightness of the answers looks more like religion than science.’
    • ‘Rightness, considered in its own nature, does not belong to what I do.’
    • ‘Argument and logic become the sources of mathematical rightness or wrongness, rather than the teacher serving as the authority.’
    1. 2.1 The quality or state of being best or most appropriate for a particular situation.
      ‘the rightness of that move for me’
      • ‘The rightness of an action is determined by its contribution to the happiness of everyone affected by it.’
      • ‘She immediately accepted the rightness of their presence, as if she had expected them to be there all along.’
      • ‘Part of his magic is his ability to convince of the rightness of his course of action.’
      • ‘It is up to the project leader to convince developers of the rightness of any such decisions.’
      • ‘As with military strategy, rightness or wrongness is supplanted by possibility.’
      • ‘I let the swing come to a stop and sat there transfixed by the rightness of the idea, but a little staggered at what it might entail.’
      • ‘The appropriateness and rightness of that Logos would depend precisely on the fact that there was more than one Logos available to her.’
      • ‘We respond to the object's rightness of design, which satisfies our imagination and intellect, even though we are not evaluating the object's purpose.’
      • ‘No longer was there any doubt in her mind as to the rightness of her coming here.’
      • ‘The rightness of the choice of director is apparent from the film's opening sequences at the shadow-enshrouded beach house.’