Definition of right turn in US English:

right turn


  • A turn that brings a person's front to face the way their right side did before.

    ‘take a right turn onto Sunset Lane’
    • ‘Two right turns, another left and three more right turns brought the girls into an open area.’
    • ‘Because of the ban on right turns, town centre traffic now heads to the Magic Roundabout and then goes along Fleming Way.’
    • ‘Most drivers also accept a right arm straight out to signal a right turn.’
    • ‘Instead they suggested the banning of right turns at the double junction.’
    • ‘He only laughed and made a right turn into the parking lot of the park.’
    • ‘Drive out of Cromford on the A5012 and take a right turn onto the road to Bonsall.’
    • ‘It teaches safe cycling techniques, which included starting position and safe stopping, left and right turns, shoulder checking and signalling, correct position on roads, overtaking parked cars and the lifesaver look.’
    • ‘I live very close to the junction, and make the right turn from Ainsworth Road at least twice every day.’
    • ‘The congestion is caused by allowing right turns across the traffic flow, which build up queues and, at busy times, result in gridlock.’
    • ‘Watch the road signs further on for a right turn which takes you to the Buller River traffic bridge and into Westport.’
    • ‘By 9.30 am he had already stopped six cyclists for riding on pavements, ignoring red lights or taking illegal right turns.’
    • ‘After the nineteenth right turn and the fourteenth or fifteenth left turn, Jonah became completely lost.’
    • ‘As he made the right turn, a car overtaking a queue of traffic smashed into the right-hand side of his car.’
    • ‘The car travelled via Ladies's Brae, Achonry and turned left towards Sligo before taking a right turn for Ballymote.’
    • ‘He noted that the plane made a sharp right turn, turned upside down and dove into the ground, exploding on impact.’
    • ‘While enforcement by traffic wardens is highly questionable, more rigid application of banned right turns, yellow box junctions and parking can only help speed traffic flows and reduce congestion.’
    • ‘Have you ever tried to make a right turn onto a busy street on a red light?’
    • ‘To join the Hosur Road, motorists have to take a right turn at Krupanidhi College on to the Madiwala Market Road and then join the Hosur Road.’
    • ‘Instead, he took a left instead of a right turn on Adams Street, and now finds himself in front of David Reilly's house.’
    • ‘Previously we could make the right turn when there was a gap in the approaching traffic.’