Definition of right brain in US English:

right brain


  • The right-hand side of the human brain, which is believed to be associated with creative thought and the emotions.

    • ‘Music is also thought to stimulate right-brain functioning, which is associated with imagination and feelings, especially feelings of sadness.’
    • ‘An ingenious right-brain designer and an effective left-brain executive, she defies conventional labels - with obvious pride.’
    • ‘Whether or not they were currently depressed, young women who had experienced childhood depression exhibited unusually high right-brain activity.’
    • ‘In contrast, word-inspired activity in a right-brain region used to recognize forms progressively declined with increased age of the volunteer and better reading skills.’
    • ‘If you tend more toward the ‘intuitive, creative, subjective, random and fantasy-oriented,’ you are more of a right-brain kid who could probably use some grounding and some real-life skills.’
    • ‘This image is particularly helpful for nontechnical or right-brain type players.’
    • ‘Putting their creativity to work in a competitive environment, these twelve young designers are the right-brain thinkers of the business world.’
    • ‘Maybe we will become adept at switching from left brain to right brain as a means of following our spiritual path.’
    • ‘If you like spontaneity and seem artistic, you're right-brain dominant.’
    • ‘And don't be thinking this is all nonsense from the right brain of a creative type - the maths is real.’
    • ‘You say that the foreigners do the left-brain work cheaper, and so this country should focus on the right-brain work and do it better.’
    • ‘It's not about left wing versus right wing; it's about left brain versus right brain.’
    • ‘The Net message went on to compare right-brain people to those who think with the left side of their brain.’
    • ‘During this period, the focus is on right-brain development.’
    • ‘He thinks that as machines and routinized processes using low-cost labor get better at the left-brain work, Americans will have to make better use of their right-brain capabilities.’
    • ‘Marketing appears to be in the throes of a right-brain revolution.’
    • ‘And at that time I started reading neurology and I decided it was just my right brain talking to my left brain.’
    • ‘That supremely intricate and elusive organ became the left brain and the right brain, the grey matter and the white matter, the male brain and the female brain.’
    • ‘Only when the puzzle involved rules for social exchanges did the right-brain network come on line.’
    • ‘Would a little less pseudo-science and a little more right-brain reflection on what real people feel and do give us some more valid insights?’


right brain

/raɪt breɪn/