Definition of right angle in English:

right angle


  • An angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square or at the intersection of two perpendicular straight lines.

    • ‘Give to a philosopher the concept of a triangle, and let him discover in his own way what the relation of the sum of its angles to a right angle might be.’
    • ‘If you draw tangents at P and Q they are at right angles.’
    • ‘It follows that on the earth's surface there is an equilateral triangle with all its angles equal to a right angle.’
    • ‘One day at school we were told that if AB is a diameter of a circle, and C is any point on the circumference, then the angle ACB is a right angle.’
    • ‘The sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles.’
    • ‘They used two sticks in the form of a cross, viewing astronomical objects through the right angle formed by the sticks.’
    • ‘If your site includes any corners or other right angles, look for stone that already shows this shape.’
    • ‘He discovered that the sum of the angles of a triangle are two right angles and, when his father found out, he relented and allowed Blaise a copy of Euclid.’
    • ‘It's probably the same size as my current bedroom, but doesn't have the complete lack of right angles that makes my room a living hell to arrange furniture in, which is a plus.’
    • ‘She's leaning, in the right of the photo, against a store's glass window that makes a right angle at the corner of the street.’
    • ‘What we often don't realize is that, in some parts of the world even today, people are not accustomed to seeing straight lines and right angles.’
    • ‘Zeno also attacked Euclid's proof of the equality of right angles on the grounds that it presupposes the existence of a right angle.’
    • ‘The nurse extends the patient's arms on padded arm boards and positions the patient's elbows at right angles.’
    • ‘For example there is a fairly straightforward method to trisect a right angle.’
    • ‘He also designed an instrument to divide a right angle into a given number of equal parts.’
    • ‘Walls unexpectedly meet at acute and obtuse angles rather than commonplace right angles.’
    • ‘If your walls are meeting at true right angles so that the room is a perfect square or rectangle, you can omit this step.’
    • ‘The double building in the right angle of the square is the Black Bull Hotel.’
    • ‘Only later when I walked the whole of the Thames I found it wiggled and curved with no right angles.’
    • ‘Huge cracks blemished the skis, the bindings were grotesquely twisted, and the poles bent at right angles.’
    bend, joint, curve, corner, crook
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right angle

/ˈˌrīd ˈˌaNGɡəl/