Definition of right-to-know in US English:



  • Of or pertaining to laws or policies that make certain government or company records available to any individual who can demonstrate a right or need to know their contents.

    • ‘Yet the one positive element of having Axon's life story at the centre of the right-to-know court case is that it has highlighted that abortion is not the answer for everyone.’
    • ‘Your city's right-to-know report (also called the consumer confidence report) examines your drinking water and anything else lurking in it.’
    • ‘The administration followed by deleting material regarding risks at nuclear power plants, chemical factories, and refineries from government Web sites, even though right-to-know laws called for it to be publicly posted.’
    • ‘The NRDC announced in May it will sue to challenge the rule's suspension, and the suspension of the right-to-know measures requiring water utilities to keep their customers informed.’
    • ‘But in response to a recent right-to-know request, the Law Department released the loan agreements from 2002 and 2003.’
    • ‘In effect, this would mean a two-year amnesty from enforcement of the Clean Air Act - as well as immunity from federal Superfund and environmental right-to-know laws.’
    • ‘Information will be made available only to law enforcement agencies, and on a need-to-know and right-to-know basis.’
    • ‘There are four areas in which right-to-know legislation is especially needed - consumer products, prescription drugs, occupational exposure, and environmental exposure.’
    • ‘‘In the absence of effective chemical right-to-know programs in Mexico, Haztraks was very important to academics and nongovernmental programs,’ Kopinak adds.’
    • ‘She weakened state oversight of pesticide use and removed more than 1,000 chemicals from the state's right-to-know program.’
    • ‘This is the guy who has instructed agency heads to deny We the People access to information under right-to-know laws.’
    • ‘People inside and outside of the labour movement must join together to fight for right-to-know laws that inform us of what chemicals we are exposed to and how we can eliminate them from our lives.’
    • ‘The Freedom of Information Act exemption in the Homeland Security Act adds a layer of secrecy that will be difficult for right-to-know activists, public interest groups, and journalists to penetrate.’
    • ‘In response to a question about whether the state OIG could withhold information of public interest, she said, ‘The OIG is specifically exempt from right-to-know laws.’’