Definition of right-minded in English:



  • Having sound views and principles.

    • ‘This was a repulsive crime and any right-minded person will be happy to reveal the identity of whoever did this.’
    • ‘All right-minded people condemn racism, be it black on white, Asian on black or white on Asian.’
    • ‘There cannot be a right-minded person in Britain today who would not gladly push any button or flick any switch in order to open the door to hell for a sub-human of the type who could inflict this agony on a helpless child.’
    • ‘Any judge has to draw back from an emotional anger that any right-minded thinking person feels for what you did.’
    • ‘They simply want it to be guided by right-minded individuals.’
    • ‘Instead the Minister has produced a divisive, confrontational Bill which will be resisted ever more resolutely by right-minded rural people.’
    • ‘Any right-minded person would applaud the FA in stepping in to punish an individual over what was an obvious assault on an opponent but, by the same token, every player in England has the right of appeal if they feel hard done by.’
    • ‘The sexual abuse of a child is deeply abhorrent to me, as it is to any right-minded person.’
    • ‘There is a need for groups who care about pensioners and I'm sure right-minded people realise the need for these groups to be run in a correct manner.’
    • ‘Rather, this looks like another attempt by the authorities to attach themselves to a cause in a desperate bid to appear caring and right-minded.’
    • ‘All right-minded, normal-thinking people would find this abhorrent.’
    • ‘These sentiments would strike any right-minded person as repulsive, hypocritical rubbish.’
    • ‘It is thoughtless, it is self-indulgent and it undermines the standards which all right-minded people support.’
    • ‘Judge Watson told Burnley Crown Court: ‘Any right-minded thinking person who saw these photographs would be struck by the humiliation and degradation which you imposed upon her.’’
    • ‘I don't believe it is abusive, I don't believe it does any damage and, until a few days ago, I believed most other right-minded individuals agreed with me.’
    • ‘This death cult should be regarded with abhorrence by all decent and right-minded people.’
    • ‘I can only hope that the observations of Mr Richardson were meant in the spirit of fun, and that, in this day and age, no right-minded individuals continue to subscribe to such dated and sexist views.’
    • ‘Any right-minded person should condemn the BNP.’
    • ‘We don't believe that at all and I don't think any right-minded person would.’
    • ‘In the 17th century, when the barn was just a barn, no right-minded person would have thought it sensible to actually live in it.’
    righteous, good, moral, morally correct, ethical, upright, upstanding, high-minded, right-thinking, principled, exemplary, clean, law-abiding, lawful, irreproachable, blameless, guiltless, unimpeachable, just, honest, honourable, unbribable, incorruptible, anti-corruption
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/ˈraɪt ˈˌmaɪndɪd//ˈrīt ˈˌmīndid/