Definition of right-handed in English:



  • 1(of a person) using the right hand more naturally than the left.

    ‘the slant of the stab wounds suggested that the assailant was right-handed’
    • ‘It is now thought by many experts that people experience the world differently according to whether they are right-handed or left-handed.’
    • ‘Common everyday objects are designed for right-handed people.’
    • ‘It makes for good teaching, because I can be a mirror image to all of my right-handed students.’
    • ‘The patient was a 6-year-old right-handed girl who presented with a slowly progressive drooping of the left side of her mouth of 9 months' duration.’
    • ‘To the left of the keyboard there is work for your idle hand - assuming, of course, you're right-handed.’
    • ‘‘I do everything opposite from what the defender, after facing so many right-handed players, naturally expects,’ he smiles.’
    • ‘Although she is strongly right-handed she was forced to learn to do some of the painful activities such as cleaning her teeth with her other hand.’
    • ‘Up to the late 1700's, everybody travelled on the left side of the road because it's the sensible option for feudal, violent societies of mostly right-handed people.’
    • ‘He reminds me a bit of a right-handed Ben Grieve, who posted similarly great statistics in the California League as a 20-year-old.’
    • ‘For the first month I could do nothing, and for a right-handed person life became very difficult.’
    • ‘For most right-handed people, the speech center is located in the left half of the brain.’
    • ‘A right-handed officer maneuvers behind the suspect, wraps his right arm around the suspect's neck between the throat and the carotid.’
    • ‘Police say that from evidence of toothbrush use she was probably right-handed.’
    • ‘They are not sold in pairs, as right-handed players usually wear only a left-hand glove.’
    • ‘Their right-handed partners would inhabit a world existing alongside ours, but interacting only gravitationally.’
    • ‘This finding suggests that left-handers may differ from right-handed individuals in the manner in which they evaluate credibility and may be more flexible in the cues they use.’
    • ‘As your right-handed traveller needed to lash the beasts repeatedly to get to work on time it was necessary to sit on the left horse so that both were easily accessible with the whip.’
    • ‘Absolutely, for a right-handed fighter, facing a southpaw is difficult, but rest assured that July 3, I will come out with a victory.’
    • ‘Twenty-four right-handed students volunteered to participate in the present experiment, and were given course credit for their participation.’
    • ‘The patient was a 31-year-old, right-handed man who presented with a 1-month history of 3 to 5 headaches per day.’
    1. 1.1 (of a tool or item of equipment) made to be used with the right hand or by right-handed people.
      ‘a right-handed guitar’
      • ‘The right-handed Quill mouse is pictured above.’
      • ‘The Kurt Cobain guitar at the Vegas Hard Rock is right-handed.’
      • ‘In one of the most graceful movements I had done to that time, I flicked my wrist and let my right-handed dagger go flying, meeting his a foot away from my face.’
      • ‘Although the Nazis initially used the right-handed one, later they started using the left-handed version.’
      • ‘This particular model has a useful feature in that, since the weights are internal and are able to shift (by simply tipping the thing up) it can be used as either a left-handed or a right-handed planer.’
      • ‘The G2 is based on the same ‘prosumer compact camera’ form factor with an almost central lens, viewfinder window and right-handed flash unit.’
      • ‘It can be converted from a right-handed weapon to a left-handed one by simply changing the bolt and casing ejector aperture.’
      • ‘Weir never looked back and used his unique ability to his advantage by examining right-handed equipment and player's techniques.’
      • ‘We have to adapt to their right-handed implements and look silly trying to use them.’
    2. 1.2 Made or done with the right hand, or in a manner natural to right-handed people.
      ‘right-handed batting’
      • ‘Just as he rested Tino Martinez and Larry Walker, La Russa has increasingly rested Sanders against dominant right-handed pitching.’
      • ‘Likes to intimidate opponents before big races such as kissing both his biceps, striking a double biceps pose, and throwing a phantom right-handed uppercut knock-out blow.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that such children suffered greatly from being forced against their will to change from left-handed to right-handed writing.’
      • ‘Peter says his right-handed writing is purely for on-paper work.’
      • ‘Considered by many to be one of the strongest technical rikishi ever, Takanohana dominated the dohyo with an uncanny right-handed belt grip and an aggressive style that marked him for sumo greatness.’
      • ‘She uses a style learned from a picture knitting guide she was given as a child, which is neither the right-handed American style or the left-handed Continental technique some say is more efficient.’
      • ‘Phil is naturally right-handed but learned the game by standing across from his father and ‘mirror imaging’ his father's right-handed swing.’
      • ‘The next step for a right-handed throw, according to the author, is ‘Put your left foot outside his right foot,’ which we are told is silly because your left foot is your driving leg.’
      • ‘Island Sand was positioned to the outside of Two Trail Sioux in the stretch, where both Bailey and Day encouraged their mounts with right-handed whip action.’
  • 2(of a screw) advanced by turning clockwise.

    • ‘It can be inferred that, by 1700, Moxon treated the right-handed screw as an established norm.’
    • ‘The screw arm has right-handed threads on one side of the brass wheel and left-handed threads on the other.’
    • ‘Except for the last three tools that have right- and left-handed wooden threads in combination, all the other tools have right-handed threads.’
    • ‘This was a much more economical solution than buying a thread cutting lathe, and simpler than making a left-handed screw box and tap to match a right-handed box and tap.’
    • ‘It's a bit like engineers always using right-handed threads, engineers keep stockpiles of right-handed threads of nuts and bolts, rather than left handed ones.’
    • ‘Even though I am a lefty and do not buy right-handed bolts, there was always hope the manufacturer would make a special run (hope springs eternal).’
    1. 2.1Biology (of a spiral shell or helix) dextral.
      • ‘Subsequent nuclear magnetic resonance studies established that the helices are right-handed.’
      • ‘This domain, which is not found in eukaryotic topoisomerases, might be involved in the bending and right-handed wrapping of DNA observed for both Gyrase and Topo IV.’
      • ‘In a right-handed shell, the aperture appears on the observer's right when the shell is held with the apex up and the aperture facing the observer.’
      • ‘The atoms of natural sugars are all laid out in an asymmetrical manner, having a right-handed spiral twist.’
      • ‘Transmembrane helices in membrane coils predominantly cross at left-handed angles, those in membrane gates predominantly at right-handed angles.’
    2. 2.2 (of a racecourse) turning clockwise.
      • ‘The track is a right-handed 1m3f circuit with an uphill run-in.’
      • ‘Taken flat out, it is estimated that you will reach speeds of 310 km/h in seventh gear, before braking dramatically for the right-handed hairpin that has replaced the Ostkurve.’
      • ‘Nicky Henderson's gelding is at his best on right-handed tracks and, after a series of good efforts in defeat this season, is overdue a win.’
      • ‘Longchamp is a right-handed track, but, unlike in Britain, stall one is located nearest the inside rail and stall 20 furthest away.’
      • ‘‘His next run will on a right-handed track, which is flat and has goodish ground’, said trainer, Jessica Harrington.’
      • ‘A second, two thirds and a fourth from four Festival visits - not bad for a horse who supposedly prefers right-handed tracks.’
      • ‘But some courses are right-handed - for example, Kempton, Ascot and Sandown.’
      • ‘Goodwood is a right-handed course which has a straight section of six furlongs with a loop attached by two bends for longer races.’
      • ‘Ascot is a right-handed, wide track, 1miles 6furlongs round, with sweeping bends and a short home straight (less than three furlongs).’
      • ‘It is right-handed, just over 1m 6f round with a 2 ½ furlong run-in on the round course - there is also a straight mile course.’
      • ‘One of the reasons we are keen to run in the Japan Cup is that we don't think running on a right-handed course will impede him.’
      • ‘Lord Of The Sky looks destined for right-handed tracks in future after continuing Lennie Lungo's great run by making it five out of five over fences this season.’
      • ‘The July Course, which is used for the July Meeting, is a right-handed track, two miles long with a one-mile straight.’
      • ‘The right-handed Fairyhouse track should be ideal and he can prove too good for Florida Coast and Super Run.’
      • ‘‘Ascot is a problem for the Americans, because it is right-handed and undulating, the two things that are alien to them,’ he said.’
      • ‘The new track will be a ten-furlong, right-handed oval with lights for late afternoon or evening racing.’
      • ‘Kempton is a right-handed track, which is 1m 5f round - although the course shape is more of a triangle.’


  • With the right hand, or in a manner natural to right-handed people.

    ‘Jackson bats right-handed’
    • ‘He also would bowl the first ball right-handed and challenge himself to pick up the spare left-handed, then starting lefty and finishing righty.’
    • ‘‘I learned to bowl right-handed at the age of 12,’ Ignizio says.’
    • ‘He would throw batting practice right-handed and then left-handed.’
    • ‘As these bows more closely resemble a longbow, they can be shot either right-handed or left-handed, due to the ‘wrap-around’ type grip.’
    • ‘I have always maintained that Mickey Mantle was a more devastating hitter right-handed than left-handed, but have never had the statistics to support my argument.’
    • ‘But, as a natural left-hander who has played right-handed my entire life, I tend to disagree.’
    • ‘It's here, two weeks later, he figured out that a left-handed grip wasn't for him, turned round and started hitting right-handed.’
    • ‘Lawrence unveiled his left-handed prowess in a national PBA event in February 2000, about a month before he was able to resume bowling right-handed.’
    • ‘Harris first pitched right-handed, getting Reggie Sanders to ground out.’
    • ‘For those who saw Murray before that fateful summer of 1975, there's little doubt he would have been a star had he continued batting strictly right-handed.’
    • ‘Most of the volunteers learned to use the mouse left-handed with almost as much dexterity as they did right-handed, and more than three quarters of them kept their mouse on the left even after the trial ended.’
    • ‘Then it may be more important to protect the ball and shoot right-handed.’
    • ‘Only one of those letters was signed (with his right hand) by a young Canadian teenager in Sarnia, Ontario, asking whether he should change from playing golf left-handed to right-handed.’
    • ‘I was 13 years old when Head pitched his no-hitter, and I recall reading that he was born left-handed, hurt his arm, and had to learn to pitch right-handed.’
    • ‘The son of a Sydney grocer, Rosewall was a natural left-hander but was taught to play right-handed by his father and developed a peerless backhand.’