Definition of right-brained in US English:



  • See right brain

    • ‘One of the challenges faced by these instructors is to develop the talents of both left- and right-brained pupils, and then teach them how to integrate their skills.’
    • ‘Even during the Sixties there was a clash between the left-brained politicos and the right-brained Sixties culture.’
    • ‘Geometry is fundamentally a right-brained activity, where almost all of the mathematics they've seen before has been left-brained, symbol-manipulation type.’
    • ‘It has become the Holy Grail of winemaking and right-brained producers the world over have become obsessed with creating Pinot Noir that can rival the wines of its native home, Burgundy.’
    • ‘Can anyone tell me in a right-brained way, what exactly is Quantum Mechanics?’