Definition of ride high in US English:

ride high


  • Be successful.

    ‘the economy will be riding high on the top of the next boom’
    • ‘It was a close encounter against the second string of a very successful senior side riding high amongst the professional clubs.’
    • ‘This week they are riding high at number 21 in the UK charts.’
    • ‘Still riding high on the success of her Ray Of Light album, she made one of 1999's great singles in Beautiful Stranger.’
    • ‘Aviemore snowboarder and world number three Lesley McKenna is riding high on a wave of recent successes.’
    • ‘The Beatles and The Supremes were riding high in the charts when the class of 1964 embarked upon their studies at Lancaster University.’
    • ‘Wanderers were unbeaten in 15 games and at half-time were riding high on the back of goals from John McGinlay and Mark Seagraves.’
    • ‘If he capitalizes and continues to ride high, his championship hopes are good.’
    • ‘Sounds like you're riding pretty high and you're no doubt attached to the persona you've crafted for yourself.’
    • ‘By early August, Democrat hopes of success were riding high.’
    • ‘But with the president riding high in public opinion and paying morale boosting visits to his troops, nothing was further from the truth.’