Definition of ride herd on in US English:

ride herd on


North American
  • Keep watch over.

    ‘a man to ride herd on this frenetically paced enterprise’
    • ‘Editors have a tough enough job riding herd on local staffs and the journalism they generate, making sure that standards of quality, taste, and accuracy are met in every story, every day.’
    • ‘With audit fees shrinking to a sliver of overall revenues, accountants had even less incentive to ride herd on their clients.’
    • ‘There is little question that science is on his side, since neuroscientific explanations of perception, cognition, and behavior leave less and less of a role for a separate mental agent riding herd on the body.’
    • ‘Yet the IMF rode herd on countries such as Indonesia, which found it politically impossible to fulfill the more than 100 conditions attached to its 1998 bailout.’
    • ‘Those parents are wrong, because they are responsible for both riding herd on their progeny and making amends when they don't fulfill that mission.’
    • ‘Unlike the 1980s, which dealt in images of lonely principals riding herd on the staff, today's best-practice districts are weaving learning into the very fabric of the organization.’
    • ‘On the high plains of the West, tough men still ride herd on the open range.’
    • ‘The fact that these parks and forests and animals belong to the citizens of this nation, just like the Smithsonian and the National Gallery, seems to elude both the politicians and the electorate that should be riding herd on them.’
    • ‘Kamen is fairly interesting to watch as he cues in and rides herd on the Symphony throughout the track.’
    • ‘No one rode herd on all those people, forcing them to cooperate for your benefit.’