Definition of riddance in English:



  • The action of getting rid of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing.

    • ‘In this respect she differs from Portia of The Merchant of Venice, who says of the black Prince of Morocco, after he has failed to guess the correct casket, ‘A gentle riddance.’’
    • ‘This connection was expressed in their religious behaviour, in the pattern of closely related families fighting over territory, and in their disease riddance customs.’
    • ‘As far as environmentalists are concerned, Suarez's departure is a welcome riddance.’
    • ‘Moksha in the theory of reincarnation means the riddance from repeated births in this world and living in a state of Bliss with God.’
    • ‘In his 1926 book, Crooke included Hutton's tale as an example of disease riddance by passing a sealed container of contagion; he omitted the Naga storyteller's passing reference to the gift of clothing.’
    • ‘When riddance by bullet emerges as the most expeditious way to dispose of her husband's victims, she is eventually even prodded into becoming Clint's executioner.’
    • ‘Now a time has come when the country, in order to seek the final riddance from terrorism, will have to throw aside its mutual differences and hostilities and rise as a single united force.’
    • ‘There is also a myth about the riddance of tapeworms concerning the other end of the body.’