Definition of ricer in US English:



North American
  • A utensil with small holes through which boiled potatoes or other soft food can be pushed to form particles of a similar size to grains of rice.

    • ‘Remove from heat and transfer potatoes to a food mill fitted with fine blade, or a potato ricer.’
    • ‘After all the pumpkin goo had been scraped into bowls, I ran some of it though a potato ricer to make it smooth for pie filling.’
    • ‘Put the potatoes through a potato ricer or mouli and leave to cool.’
    • ‘Pass peeled potatoes through a food mill or a potato ricer into bowl.’
    • ‘Remove the potatoes and mash them with a potato masher or pass them through a mouli or ricer into a mixing bowl.’
    • ‘If you want to make the most awesome mashed potatoes in the universe, you need a potato ricer.’
    • ‘Remove from heat and transfer potatoes to food mill or potato ricer.’
    • ‘But first you'll need to buy a potato ricer (from somewhere like Briscoes, or you may find them at your supermarket).’
    • ‘Drain them and cool them right down before putting them through a ricer (if you don't have one, mash thoroughly and whip with whisk or fork).’
    • ‘For my US readers who haven't a clue why I'd be so excited about a potato ricer, we in the UK grew up with potato mashers - a sort of mini ski-pole thing with which you stamp the potato into submission.’