Definition of ribozyme in US English:



  • An RNA molecule capable of acting as an enzyme.

    • ‘The vesicles were immobilized on supported bilayers and single-molecule analysis was performed for DNA molecules and hairpin ribozymes.’
    • ‘For decades, there were only two types of catalyst - metals and enzymes - but since 1986 two new classes of biocatalyst have emerged along with the enzymes, ribozymes, and catalytic antibodies.’
    • ‘They placed the DNA copy between two ribozymes, RNA molecules that have enzymatic function and can cleave RNA sequence at specific locations.’
    • ‘These studies led to the first evidence bearing on the physical location of the guanosine substrate binding site on the ribozyme and for the existence of several other tertiary nucleotide interactions.’
    • ‘In addition, certain RNAs can fold to form catalytic ribozymes, analogous to enzymes, which assist in RNA processing events whereas others facilitate in specific RNA, DNA, or protein interactions.’


1980s: blend of ribonucleic acid and enzyme.