Definition of ribbon worm in US English:

ribbon worm


  • A chiefly aquatic worm with an elongated, unsegmented, flattened body that is typically brightly colored and tangled in knots, and a long proboscis for catching food.

    Phylum Nemertea: two classes

    • ‘These include the sea star Odontaster validus, the sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri and the ribbon worm Parborlasia corrugatus; all of which produce eggs’
    • ‘And the list continues: there are sea stars that split in half, marine ribbon worms that break up into dozens of small pieces and sponges that fragment.’
    • ‘Beneath loosely embedded rocks hide the brittle stars, ribbon worms and slithery, clinging fish called blennies.’
    • ‘Bootlace worm: These slender ribbon worms are usually around 5m long when fully extended, but they can reach up to 30m.’
    • ‘In many ribbon worms and echinoderms, metamorphosis is remarkably rapid, with the major changes from larval to adult body form taking less than half an hour.’


ribbon worm

/ˈribən ˌwərm/