Definition of ribbon development in US English:

ribbon development


  • The building of houses along a main road, especially one leading out of a town or city.

    • ‘In its wake the car inevitably brought petrol stations and ribbon development.’
    • ‘The Green Party predicted that ribbon development would follow in the tracks of the new A650.’
    • ‘Cllr Seamus Weir said the development proposed was not ribbon development but was a cluster development.’
    • ‘The plan seeks to rid the county of any further ribbon development, only allowing a maximum of five houses with separate entrances to be built along any 250-metre stretch of roadway.’
    • ‘It was the ribbon development, though, that persuaded the authorities that they had to replace the old aristocratic monopoly over land with a state-enforced one.’
    • ‘Commenting on the other possible development sites, parish councillors felt Tarn Barn should not be converted because of its poor access and the fact that it would lead to ribbon development along Mill Hill Lane.’
    • ‘Many a beautiful vista or ancient town is spoilt by ribbon development, corruption and, latterly, greed.’
    • ‘Leapfrogging is identified as one form of urban sprawl, which also includes scattered development, strip or ribbon development, and continuous low-density development.’
    • ‘Maps of the greater Munich area show strikingly obvious ribbon development along the S-Bahn lines: basically anywhere close to an S-Bahn station is in easy commuting range of Munich.’
    • ‘I also believe that ribbon development is simply unsustainable in the long term and the guidelines are far from unambiguous in their opposition to this.’
    • ‘On either side were buildings made of brick with carved stonework and classical mouldings, suggesting that the town consisted of about a mile of ribbon development along the line of the road.’
    • ‘And, with the other hand, Prescott waves the green flag to the developers who want to turn the South-East into a great homogeneous mass of roundabouts, multiplexes, out-of-town shopping centres and ribbon development.’
    • ‘The environmental body claimed there had already been too much ‘unplanned ribbon development housing sprawl’ in the Knock area and this housing scheme would set an alarming precedent.’
    • ‘I guess that means turning the green banks into a wall-to-wall ribbon development of timeshare chalets.’
    • ‘How would the ‘additional homes and employment’ proposed for the ring road avoid ribbon development?’
    • ‘People now have to show a reason why they should be allowed to build in a specific location if it is outside of a designated rural settlement area, as the Government ups its efforts to wipe out ribbon development and preserve the countryside.’
    • ‘In his objection to Ms Ashton's development, Cllr Doyle wrote: ‘Another house on the road would contribute to ribbon development.’’
    • ‘They argued that due to the nature of the development area of Ballylinan all future development would be carried out in backland areas to further reinforce the existing Main Street of the town and to prevent ribbon development.’
    • ‘Many people complained about the ugly ribbon development that came with the roads; for Victor Gruen, the billboards, gas stations, motels, car lots, shanties and wayside stores that sprang up represented mankind at his most vulgar.’
    • ‘He agreed that sporadic, haphazard, ribbon development, with people having to commute a distance to work was not the ideal situation.’


ribbon development

/ˈrɪbən dəˌvɛləpmənt/