Definition of rib cage in US English:

rib cage


  • The bony frame formed by the ribs around the chest.

    • ‘His heart began to beat a furious rhythm inside his ribcage and his throat constricted tightly in fear.’
    • ‘My legs had gone numb and my heart was slamming against my ribcage, threatening to pop right out of my chest.’
    • ‘Curved, diaphanous glass roofs are supported at 8m intervals by gently arching steel beams, like great ribcages.’
    • ‘There was a huge gash on the side of her ribcage that extended half-way across her chest.’
    • ‘Sticking with the Raptors, Antonio Davis injured his ribcage and will miss some time as it heals.’
    • ‘He had dislocated a cervical vertebra and torn a cartilage in his lower ribcage, and was ordered by his doctors not to train, let alone compete.’
    • ‘He could feel the stinging pain in his wounded chest with every rise and fall of his ribcage.’
    • ‘You may see the soft tissues of the neck and the area below the ribcage pull inwards during attempts to breathe in.’
    • ‘Because of the shell, the pectoral and pelvic girdles are uniquely located within the ribcage.’
    • ‘In the emergency feeding centre, Malawian nuns feed withered infants with protruding ribcages an emergency mix.’
    • ‘We move into the chamber and carefully pick our way between heaps of skulls and ribcages.’
    • ‘Skeletons will use their skulls and ribcages to produce infernal ditties sure to lead your ears into the fairy circles of hell.’
    • ‘The neat, putty-coloured ribbing of the pectoral muscles forms two perfect wings over the ribcage.’
    • ‘In monkeys, the shoulder blades are on the sides of the ribcage, the way they are in dogs.’
    • ‘My heart beat a little harder against my ribcage and I found it a little harder to swallow.’
    • ‘Heather grinned at him and poked her perfectly manicured fingernail into his ribcage.’
    • ‘Pull your tailbone underneath you and your ribcage up away from your hips, elongating your spine.’
    • ‘He didn't need a stethoscope to hear my heart clamoring against my ribcage.’
    • ‘My instincts are sharp and I easily catch it before it rams into my ribcage.’
    • ‘Sitting in it is a two-foot high rubber skeleton, its skull slumped forward onto its ribcage.’


rib cage

/ˈrib ˌkāj//ˈrɪb ˌkeɪdʒ/