Definition of rib-tickling in English:



  • See rib-tickler

    • ‘There is rib-tickling humour in the vignette of Vicereine Lady Linlithgow's encounter with classical music in a live concert in her honour.’
    • ‘Releasing this coming Friday, the movie comes from the makers of the rib-tickling hit comedy, ‘Iceage’, and will this time show a make-believe world inhabited entirely by robots.’
    • ‘The audience enjoyed the rib-tickling comedy.’
    • ‘Not all of the results were moments of rib-tickling comedy however.’
    • ‘In the one-and-a-half hours of rib-tickling silliness that make up their new show, Pirates Of The River Rother, I didn't see a single audience member chuckle.’
    • ‘And of course there are a good many rib-tickling frames such as a monkey looking in the mirror.’
    • ‘In best Shakespearean tradition, I propose a subtitle for this rib-tickling spoof: The Beard of Avon, or As We Like It.’
    • ‘‘Mark Poole, our rib-tickling Benny Hill look-alike, will be slipping into a dress for the first time in this show after playing all the daft panto principal parts and keeping local audiences in stitches for nine years,’ he says.’
    • ‘After a successful rib-tickling opening at Queen's Hall last weekend, The Learie Joseph in Concert moves to San Fernando and Chaguanas this weekend.’
    • ‘It has been conclusively decided, then, that Only Fools And Horses is the most rib-tickling series of all time.’
    • ‘From the best of war films to rib-tickling comedies and romantic flicks, the popular channel is bringing the best of Hollywood to Indian homes.’
    • ‘So guys look forward to a rib-tickling evening at Ravindra Bharathi on June 27.’
    • ‘This rib-tickling 1968 release directed by Jyoti Swarup and starring Saira Banu, Kishore Kumar and Mehmood was a runaway hit.’
    • ‘However, the special attraction of the day will be a rib-tickling comedy, ‘Crazy Ghost’, by Crazy Mohan and his troupe.’
    • ‘In one corner of this lavish hotel retreat in rural Cheshire, Barry Ferguson is telling the rib-tickling tale of how he used to clean Walter Smith's boots at Ibrox.’
    • ‘Adam Sandler's back for more hilarious hi-jinks and rib-tickling capers in his latest magnificent outing.’
    • ‘His performances are very popular as they combine rib-tickling comedy with political satire.’
    • ‘In this performance Joseph displayed his usual rib-tickling facial expressions.’
    • ‘Welsh duo Carri Munn and Karin Diamond bring rib-tickling musical medleys spliced with the odd blazing row.’
    • ‘It would be a tragedy if it happened in real life, but a rib-tickling comedy if enacted on the stage.’