Definition of rhyolitic in US English:



  • See rhyolite

    • ‘Dingwell et al. have shown at low dissolved water contents in rhyolitic melts, large changes in melt viscosity can occur for very small changes of water content.’
    • ‘Geochemical variation is common in deposits of many rhyolitic eruptions, especially those from large, caldera-forming events in continental settings.’
    • ‘It was characterized by rhyolitic volcanism which appears to have been restricted to the Horn Graben area.’
    • ‘They are closely associated with marine pyroclastic rhyolitic domes and calderas and were probably deposited from submarine brines in or on the flanks of local sedimentary basins.’
    • ‘As most of the glasses are rhyolitic in composition, the distinction is subtler, being based on small differences in bulk chemistry and volatile contents.’