Definition of rhinovirus in US English:



  • Any of a group of picornaviruses including those which cause some forms of the common cold.

    • ‘In this issue of the Journal, Myatt and colleagues report two lines of evidence suggesting aerosol transmission of rhinoviruses.’
    • ‘To anyone in bed with a bad cold, the knowledge that the rhinovirus embodies a remarkable geometry is probably of little comfort.’
    • ‘Both in adults and in children, the majority of asthma exacerbations are caused by respiratory virus infections of which rhinoviruses are by far the most frequent.’
    • ‘Influenza or rhinovirus (common cold) infections in adults, or respiratory syncytial or other viruses in young children, can exacerbate or lead to asthma.’
    • ‘Most colds are caused by rhinoviruses (the name comes from ‘rhin,’ the Greek word for nose) that are in invisible droplets in the air we breathe or on things we touch.’
    • ‘Thus, airborne transmission of rhinoviruses may occur in buildings with low outdoor air supply, and their occupants may be at increased risk of exposure to infectious droplets from a fellow occupant.’
    • ‘Finally, we were able to demonstrate extensive heterogeneity among different rhinoviruses present in air and nasal mucus.’
    • ‘After this initial evaluation, researchers administered a shot of a rhinovirus, the germ that causes colds, into each participant's nose.’
    • ‘Businesses also ought to lobby for the development of vaccines against rhinoviruses and other causes of the common cold.’
    • ‘For example, if these children developed bronchiolitis related to rhinovirus or parainfluenza virus, would the same cytokine pattern have been seen?’
    • ‘There are 250 rhinoviruses capable of causing a two-to-seven-day bout of sneezing and runny nose; you can't become immune to all of them.’
    • ‘Although rhinovirus infections can cause asthma exacerbations and alter lower airway inflammation and physiology, it is unclear how important bronchial infection is to these processes.’
    • ‘Researchers at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, recently infected 45 students with a rhinovirus that causes colds and their associated symptoms, such as runny noses and sore throats.’
    • ‘In both children and adults, asthma exacerbations are caused primarily by viral respiratory infections, with rhinovirus being the most common infectious organism detected.’
    • ‘Human rhinovirus, which results in a nonlylic upper respiratory tract infection, is the dominant cause of virus-induced asthma exacerbations.’
    • ‘An organism called a rhinovirus - so tiny that 15,000 lined up side by side would barely span the space between two words on this page - has entered your body.’
    • ‘He added that over time, rhinoviruses accounted for less than 50 per cent of all colds.’
    • ‘In test tubes, zinc slows the growth of rhinoviruses, which cause about a third of all colds.’
    • ‘To determine the incidence of respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus in acute bronchiolitis, Papadopoulos and coworkers studied 118 infants with acute bronchiolitis.’
    • ‘In this study, we report an investigation of rhinoviruses in office buildings using molecular techniques to detect and identify rhinovirus in building air and in nasal mucus of building occupants.’