Definition of rhinestone in English:



  • An imitation diamond used in costume jewelry and to decorate clothes.

    • ‘The white satin dress is made from almost 300 feet of material, and embroidered with 1,500 crystal rhinestones and pearls.’
    • ‘Phoenix comes onto the stage in a bright turquoise cosmic-cowboy outfit with crystal rhinestones and embroidered roses.’
    • ‘The top two-thirds of the composition is studded with rhinestones, suggesting stars sparkling in the metallic blue sky.’
    • ‘She was decked out in a pair of expensive jeans with artfully studded rhinestones, an off-the-shoulder shirt in pale pink, heels that I'd never before seen in her closet, and stunning, yet simple jewelry.’
    • ‘The crossbones are oversized, and the whole thing's studded with rhinestones - except the skull's eyes, each of which is a black plastic gem of some sort.’
    • ‘She had an idea of returning to the clothing business with rhinestones on clothes but that idea did not go anywhere.’
    • ‘Other high fashion T-shirts are decorated with large chandelier crystal rhinestones evoking a look that is a perfection of casual elegance in today's global dressing.’
    • ‘She had taken a rhinestone studded barrette to clip one side of her hair away from her face.’
    • ‘‘And your mom made us tiaras with rhinestones,’ she reminisced.’
    • ‘A number of female passengers adorned their lapels with heart-shaped brooches filled with red, white and blue rhinestones.’
    • ‘She has short brown hair, red leather pants, a black Harley-Davidson shirt cut into a halter, a strand of white rhinestones as a belt and a little heart of white rhinestones around her belly button.’
    • ‘Women are decorating the exposed skin with tattoos or stick-on rhinestones and even enhancing the upper buttocks with plastic surgery.’
    • ‘Cut glass, rhinestones, and cubic zirconium are all attempts to replicate the beauty of diamonds at a lower cost.’
    • ‘My philosophy is one of ‘where would the diamond business be if not for rhinestones?’’
    • ‘Fendi has played artfully with rhinestones, studding the tops for a line of mink co-ordinates.’
    • ‘Later that year Nudie asked another prospective customer, Lefty Frizzel, whether he had the guts to wear a suit with rhinestones on it.’
    • ‘It says ‘Jesus’ in gold cursive lettering studded with rhinestones.’
    • ‘‘Everybody was wearing rhinestones, all those sparkle clothes and cowboy boots,’ he said in 1986.’
    • ‘Derek had to get the rhinestones for the suit flown in from Czechoslovakia.’
    • ‘There was a lone tear residing on her cheek, slightly smudging her mascara, that caught the light and glittered almost brighter than the rhinestones on the tiara that rested on Jessica's perfect hair.’


Late 19th century: translating French caillou du Rhin, literally ‘pebble of the Rhine’.