Definition of Rhesus-negative in US English:


(also Rh-negative)


  • Lacking the rhesus factor.

    • ‘I waddled my way round to the ante natal clinic to have a routine rhesus negative injection but a 30 min appointment took 2 hours.’
    • ‘But if the mother is rhesus negative and the father is rhesus positive, it could lead to problems if the baby is also rhesus positive.’
    • ‘Blood group women who have a rhesus negative blood group may need to have an injection to prevent problems for subsequent pregnancies.’
    • ‘They've all got green or hazel eyes, they can drink the most amazing amount, and they've got this weird blood group called rhesus negative.’
    • ‘If a baby is rhesus positive but the mother is rhesus negative, then the mother could become sensitive to the baby's blood.’



/ˌrēsəs ˈneɡədiv/