Definition of rheometer in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring the rheological properties of a substance.

    • ‘To measure the macroscopic properties of the extract, we use a mechanical rheometer to investigate the onset of gelation, and the frequency- and strain-dependent network response.’
    • ‘The cover glass was mounted in the sample holder of the magnetic bead rheometer and the measurements were started.’
    • ‘Details on the rotating disk rheometer have been described by Miller et al. 1991.’
    • ‘A wide gap rheometer geometry has been developed which can be used to measure the flow characteristics of food products containing particles.’
    • ‘The rheometer is equipped with a heating unit that allows us to maintain the sample at 37°C.’
    • ‘To improve its sensitivity, the rheometer is shielded from external magnetic fields by a cage of high magnetic permeability metal.’
    • ‘The ball-on-plate rheometer is therefore ideal for evaluating the performance of lubricants under the realistic conditions found in many machine components.’
    • ‘Briefly, the rheometer consists of a cylindrical cuvette with an inner diameter of 15 mm and a volume of - 1.5 ml.’
    • ‘Brookfield Rheocalc operating software was used to control the rheometer.’
    • ‘The T2SR time- and temperature-scanning rheometer is a robust, portable mechanical instrument designed to simplify dynamic measurements of materials in the viscosity range of 10-1000 Pa/sec.’
    • ‘The T2SR rheometer employs disposable probes and containers.’
    • ‘The rheology of BLG solutions at 20°C was determined using a Rheometrics rheometer with parallel plate geometry.’
    • ‘The bulk elastic modulus of the collagen gels was measured using a stress-controlled rheometer with a 4°, 40-mm cone and plate geometry.’
    • ‘This work relied on what would now be called a dynamic shear rheometer which was built at ARRB by Peter Witt.’
    • ‘Viscosity Measurements Viscosity of the samples was measured using a Brookfield DV-III programmable cone and plate rheometer (Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, USA) fitted with a CP-42 cone spindle.’
    • ‘Changes in the dynamic properties of high-viscosity and viscoelastic fluid materials can be measured with a rheometer offered by Fluid Dynamics Inc.’
    • ‘The new rheometer provides an extended torque range, a new normal force sensor with high stability and accuracy.’