Definition of rhamnose in US English:



  • A sugar of the hexose class which occurs widely in plants, especially in berries of the common buckthorn.

    • ‘In undiluted samples, ribose, fructose, rhamnose, glucose, and one unidentified sugar were detected at low concentrations (data not shown).’
    • ‘The mol% of neutral sugars ranged from 80% glucose in opening flowers to 50% glucose / 25% rhamnose in senesced flowers.’
    • ‘This antigen had rhamnose side chains at least a disaccharide in length and was the antigenic determinant of A-variant carbohydrate.’
    • ‘Acid hydrolysis of crude leaf mucilage extract in both Z. mauritiana and Z. rotundifolia revealed that the main sugar constituents were rhamnose, glucose, galactose, and arabinose.’
    • ‘SIP was assessed via the lactulose:rhamnose ratio.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Rhamnus (genus name) + -ose.