Definition of rewrap in English:



  • Wrap (something) again or differently.

    • ‘Surrounded by the commotion of a spring training clubhouse, Corey Patterson sat quietly by his locker, rewrapping the handle of his bat, keeping to himself and taking it all in.’
    • ‘After rewrapping it and licking the bud to keep it closed well, he tried lighting it.’
    • ‘Tuthmosis III's mummy was rewrapped following damage by tomb robbers, then reburied in Deir el-Bahari.’
    • ‘We have two people working almost 24 hours a day rewrapping parcels that have come apart in the system.’
    • ‘Andy frowned carefully rewrapping the crusty end of the loaf and and tossing it towards the sound of Mike's voice.’
    • ‘He was very thankful that he had taken the precaution of rewrapping the prototype in its protective tissue paper shell, making it unrecognizable.’
    • ‘Using the unstained portion of her bandage, she rewraps her wound.’
    • ‘Dressing up simple ideas stifles them; rewrapping non-ideas confuses your audience and eventually kills their trust in you.’
    • ‘Just rub some salve on it once a day before rewrapping it, and there'll be no scar.’
    • ‘Letting her hands drop from Sardonia's forehead, Dragoness rewraps the crystal and scroll into her bag.’
    • ‘Enno looked the boy over as he took his right arm, bandages torn away, and started rewrapping them in new linen.’
    • ‘She patted his arm gently as she saw him sweating from pain, but she moved back to tending the wound by rewrapping the bloody bandage around his knee and leg to apply pressure.’
    • ‘The recipient of the message would decipher it by rewrapping the parchment around a cylinder of the same size.’
    • ‘‘Kay,’ she murmured, shaking her head slightly as she finished rewrapping her hand in gauze and closed the first aid kit.’
    • ‘Afterwards, she was rewrapping his bandage for him, as it was difficult to apply a bandage with one hand with much success.’
    • ‘You have to rewrap it yourself because you have to have some personal investment in the giving of the gift.’
    • ‘But there's a reason for the large stay-fresh pouch: It allows you to take a bite, rewrap the goods, and stow the rest for later.’
    • ‘Bert just smiled, rewrapping the scarf around his neck.’
    • ‘The others got Christmas presents, but she was given old toys she already owned, rewrapped every year.’
    • ‘After it had flowed to a soft trickle, they sat her up and Taski set to work rewrapping the wounds.’