Definition of rewind in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /rēˈwīnd//riˈwaɪnd/
  • 1Wind (a tape or film) back to the beginning.

    • ‘Astor could ignore someone beside him mouthing words without sound and muttering impatiently whenever he had to rewind the tape.’
    • ‘Lt. Peterson rewound the cassette and played it again.’
    • ‘She rewound the videotape of the evening news and watched herself at Agent Logan's press conference.’
    • ‘He drops the foil packet into the boiling water, then picks up the camera and begins rewinding the film.’
    • ‘If you rewound the tape and played it back we'd appear again and again.’
    • ‘Rod rewound the tape and played it again and again.’
    • ‘Then the telltale lines on the screen appear as the tape is rewound and the camera pans back.’
    • ‘As Stephen J. Gould described it, if one could rewind the tape of life and let events play out again, the results would almost certainly differ dramatically.’
    • ‘Joaquin dropped her bag into an armchair on her way through to the kitchen, pausing only to rewind the answering machine tape.’
    • ‘Michael sent it an electronic signal to tell it to rewind the tape, then he recorded some loud pop music over that section of the cassette.’
    • ‘Brendan rewound the tape a bit and watched the girls at work a second time.’
    • ‘After the click, the camera instantly started rewinding the film.’
    • ‘He rewinds the tape to replay a passage about a girl he was courting at the time, and the ineffable sadness that creeps over his face is heartbreaking.’
    • ‘Then simply rewind the tape and transfer via FireWire to your PC.’
    • ‘The camera had to be constantly rewound, and the film shot again - with meticulous planning of the multiple exposures.’
    • ‘Inside, the surveillance commander rewound the tape they had just made.’
    • ‘Fu rewinds the tape, and as he replays it, he reads aloud Zhao's letter to her.’
    • ‘Fat Man's bespectacled sidekick took the woman's video camera and rewound the tape.’
    • ‘Well you need to rewind the tape back a couple of years to when the ecology became part of the agenda for the bishops committee that focused on social justice.’
    • ‘Soon she could picture it her mind, like a tape rewound and played over again.’
    1. 1.1no object (of a tape or film) wind back to the beginning.
      • ‘She'll read, in pauses, or when the tapes are rewinding.’
      • ‘I also think you're being very unfair to teachers, unless you can find some that just played the film and then went straight on to the Cuban missile crisis while the tape was rewinding.’
      • ‘Immediately pause it again because your tape rewound too far.’
      • ‘Did my tape rewind while I was playing Taps for AMC?’
      • ‘Benjy's memory rewinds again to the night the children found out their Grandmother died.’
      • ‘I heard the tape rewind and make some noises as if the reel in it was about to go up in flames, which made me consider buying a new answering machine.’
      • ‘Yet that one phrase was stuck in my mind, like a terrible record player repeating over and over, rewinding and playing and rewinding again.’
      • ‘The tape whirred as it rewound.’
      • ‘‘Hi, I'm the Guardian,’ Mark says and the video rewinds.’
      • ‘‘Well, while the movie rewinds, we should talk,’ Mom chirped turning off the TV.’
      • ‘After the movie was over they just let the tape rewind in the machine while talking.’
      • ‘Time rewinds and we watch what occurred in the previous days that drove this man to this crime and his own death.’
      • ‘Then, the tape rewinds again, and the machine copies the program to the second tape.’
      • ‘Pressing a key on her badly battered answering machine she smiled as the tape loudly rewound and began to haltingly play messages from the past few days.’


Pronunciation /ˈrēˌwīnd//ˈriˌwaɪnd/
  • A mechanism for rewinding a tape or film.

    • ‘Upon reading this I really wish I had a rewind or erase button, don't you!’
    • ‘The rewind often failed, so we had to do it by hand.’
    • ‘The TiVo remote works because my fingers can feel around the rewind, pause and fast-forward buttons.’
    • ‘Magus clicked on a rewind button on his movie player, and switched to another camera angle.’
    • ‘Push in the direction of the plus or minus icons to change the playback volume, toward the rewind or fast forward icons to track skip in the appropriate direction.’
    • ‘Hitting rewind on the tape recorder verifies that those were, in fact, his words.’
    • ‘Once Sara was back to sleep, it was like the rewind button had been pushed.’
    • ‘If you're in a blind, well, not much you can do, but if you can use a camera with a manual rewind and advance instead of automatic, that would certainly be preferable.’
    • ‘Too bad we don't have a rewind so we can ‘unhurt’ the ones we love.’
    • ‘Luckily there is a nifty rewind and undo feature that lets you take back bonehead moves when playing against the computer.’
    • ‘This means if I want to jump back ten seconds I have to look down to find the correct rewind button.’
    • ‘Another annoyance is that the rewind and fast-forward buttons latch until you press any other button.’
    • ‘There was a small hand held tape-recorder stuck in the rewind position and a crumpled piece of paper with a phone number and address lying on top of the whole pile.’
    • ‘I cut the whole thing with a Moviscope, which is just a silent film viewer, and a pair of rewinds.’
    • ‘She pressed the rewind button on her tape player.’
    • ‘I had successfully managed to push all negative feelings to the back of my mind, and here they resided, silent ghosts, awaiting me to hit the rewind so that they could reappear, be resurrected.’
    • ‘Those days when we got to know the rewind button on our tape decks too well, while the kids we really wanted to be out playing with were busy.’
    • ‘Then when he got to where he wanted to go he hit the stop button, just like the fast rewind on a video player.’
    • ‘Flying Virgin Atlantic back from Boston to London on Saturday, I noticed that the phone-shaped handset wired to the armrest contained both a rewind and a pause button.’
    • ‘Pressing the rewind and play button, she listened to it again.’