Definition of reverse transcriptase in US English:

reverse transcriptase


  • An enzyme that catalyzes the formation of DNA from an RNA template in reverse transcription.

    See also transcriptase
    • ‘Reverse transcription is generally catalyzed in vivo by reverse transcriptases encoded by autonomous endogenous retrotransposons.’
    • ‘Names refer to the accession numbers of the nucleotide sequences that encode the corresponding reverse transcriptases (RTs).’
    • ‘However, most other organisms also have homologous recombination, and many or most other eukaryotes contain reverse transcriptases.’
    • ‘Ono et al. showed the effects of baicalein on the activity of various reverse transcriptases.’
    • ‘The branch points where no bootstrap values appear are statistically unsupported, although congruent with other phylogenetic analyses of reverse transcriptases’