Definition of reverse the charges in English:

reverse the charges


  • Make the recipient of a telephone call responsible for payment.

    • ‘Never one to shrink away from controversy, he said: ‘The Aberdonians must be reversing the charges if they are spending so long on the phone.’’
    • ‘‘If you've not reversed the charges, can I take my time?’ chuckled Haig.’
    • ‘One big daily newspaper here refused to take my colleague's call because she was having to reverse the charges.’
    • ‘‘If he didn't have the money to ring, he would have reversed the charges,’ she said.’
    • ‘At the same time (inasmuch as time has any meaning over mind-bogglingly long distances), Jonah was reversing the charges on a phonecall to his mum.’
    • ‘You can even reverse the charges, should you need advice or an ear to talk to.’
    • ‘But he was on temporary duty for three of the six months we dated, and when he called me, he reversed the charges.’
    • ‘Sending money abroad is like making a phone call and reversing the charges - something you were always warned should only be done in an emergency as it costs a fortune.’