Definition of reverently in US English:



  • With deep and solemn respect.

    ‘the people fell to their knees and bowed reverently’
    ‘he speaks reverently about his fans’
    • ‘He meets an incoherent drifter clutching reverently at a large, ungainly cardboard box.’
    • ‘Slowly, almost reverently, he climbed the mausoleum steps.’
    • ‘They feel a responsibility to reverently care for aging parents.’
    • ‘Laying the well-worn black spiral onto my lap, I stroked the cover reverently.’
    • ‘He cradled the glass of wine in his hands reverently.’
    • ‘If an ordinary tribesperson meets a religious leader, the tribesperson reverently touches the leader's feet.’
    • ‘She asks us to look reverently upon her subjects without touching, letting understanding unfold in its own time.’
    • ‘I remember being silently and reverently guided to the backyard, where there was a fire burning.’
    • ‘Regardless of his manner in life, he deserved to be put to rest reverently.’
    • ‘He speaks reverently about his fans and their dedication to his music.’