Definition of reverb in US English:



  • 1An effect whereby the sound produced by an amplifier or an amplified musical instrument is made to reverberate slightly.

    ‘the best available Barios recording, despite reverb’
    • ‘They even had a special microphone set up in the middle of the stage, equipped with reverb for dramatic effect.’
    • ‘How low can you set your buffers with 100 channels going, each with reverb, without the sound breaking up?’
    • ‘Many of the audio recording programs come with their own native special effects such as reverb, compression, flanger, and chorus, to name a few.’
    • ‘The front soundstage was wide and deep, with surrounds used for slight reverb and ambient audience sounds.’
    • ‘Devoted fans will recognize a lot of the original backing tracks, which all have been remixed and dubbed up with plenty of spacey echo, harsh delay, copious reverb, and psychedelic sound effects.’
    • ‘And with my 100-watt Fender reverb twin-pro amplifier (valve of course, not transistors), I could blow out my neighbour's windows if I really cranked it up.’
    • ‘With just the right amount of reverb, this disc sounds great and shouldn't be dismissed as an insignificant live recording.’
    • ‘But wait… doesn't that reverb sound a bit too smooth for 1974?’
    • ‘As such, it's easy to see Tubby as a key progenitor of current remix methodologies and DJ practices with their heavy reliance on reverb and echo effects and mixers.’
    • ‘Each track is built from a simple drum pattern, being covered in keyboard noodling, reverb, echo, distortion and sound effects in order to achieve a dense, claustrophobic background.’
    • ‘The typical electronic weirdness of the sound effects (often with reverb effects added to cymbals and electric guitar) is preserved, though occasionally soft-spoken lines are lost.’
    • ‘‘For the most part, it was really subtle delays and reverbs on the voice and really nice compression,’ Johns recalls.’
    • ‘A constant tinkerer, Paul spent hours developing recording tricks like over-dubbing and guitar effects like reverb.’
    • ‘Much to his disappointment, it transpired that Sam's conversation with a deity could be explained by his amp picking up the random radio hissings of a passing cabbie - but passed through wah-wah and reverb, it sounded almost godly.’
    • ‘The late 1990s saw the introduction of cheap hard disk and minidisk multi-track recorders, many with effects such as reverb and chorus built in.’
    • ‘Even near-perfect samples are colored by reverb or effects in the source.’
    • ‘The same money could have gotten me a brand new, solid-state amplifier, one with more power and even some neat effects like reverb and vibrato, but that's not what I wanted.’
    • ‘Because there's no sound projecting upward, reverb from ceiling reflections is eliminated.’
    • ‘In Bacher's video, the camera pans the stage in a dizzying frenzy, zooming in and out of focus, while the band plays a frustrated riff on the song's chorus, interrupted by multiple sound checks and reverb.’
    • ‘From the cover photos of winterscapes and frigid oil rigs that look so cold they make your teeth hurt, to the label's signature sound of vast reverb and chill precision, ECM was made for Norway.’
    1. 1.1 A device for producing reverb on an amplified musical instrument.
      ‘there are 16 effects available, including a number of reverbs’
      • ‘My favorite preset, Dual Backyard, is a true-stereo preset that uses two reverbs linked together.’
      • ‘Unlike most other convolution reverbs, Space Designer can synthetically generate a virtual acoustic space and give you all kinds of ways to adjust it to your liking.’
      • ‘The bottom line is, unless you're planning on tracking a multipiece band simultaneously with multiple headphone mixes, lots of plug-ins, virtual instruments and CPU-hogging reverbs, then you needn't worry about this problem.’
      • ‘Scott says that the reverbs he employed were ‘very simple because there was so little to use back then.’’
      • ‘Again, that's something you can simulate with reverbs and delays.’


1960s: abbreviation.