Definition of revenue tariff in US English:

revenue tariff


  • A tariff imposed principally to raise government revenue rather than to protect domestic industries.

    • ‘The key to securing such ‘princely treasures’ was a moderate revenue tariff that would have a significant protective element.’
    • ‘The specter of renewed conflict led Southern members of both parties to support a moderate revenue tariff with incidental protection as a way to diversify the Southern economy, particularly in the older seaboard states.’
    • ‘Confederate Virginians, however, realized that a revenue tariff, however low, would offer important incidental protection for a wide range of goods.’
    • ‘The Confederate revenue tariff probably would have proved yet another failure for Southerners anxiously trying to modernize their economy.’
    • ‘Even the most ardent free traders in the cotton states expressed hopes that a Confederate revenue tariff would provide incidental protection against Northern goods.’
    • ‘Edmund Puffin, for example, supported the logic of a Confederate revenue tariff in Anticipations of the Future, a futuristic account of an independent Southern Confederacy published in 1860.’
    • ‘He has special contempt for those free traders who would argue for the substitution of a protective tariff with a revenue tariff.’