Definition of revenue stamp in US English:

revenue stamp


  • A stamp showing that a government tax has been paid.

    • ‘Security officials of the Life Insurance Corporation and people present foiled an attempt to loot Rs 2 lakh in cash and revenue stamps Rs 7,000 here yesterday.’
    • ‘Two persons running away with the cash and revenue stamps were caught even before they could move out of the building, other two members of the gang escaped.’
    • ‘In the lower border of each image, he signed and dated the work across the surface of a 5-centime French revenue stamp, exactly as would be done by a professional notary.’
    • ‘From forging passport documents (which is a cottage industry in India) to forging stamp paper and revenue stamps is a small leap in imagination but requires a large leap in entrepreneurship.’
    • ‘The office criticized Meredith on several occasions for his failure to follow ‘simple procedures in reporting expenses,’ for his ‘use of revenue stamps when not necessary,’ and for his ‘improper filing of salary requests.’’
    • ‘There had been some improvement in customs and tax control, in the fight against the sale of goods with fake or without excise revenue stamps, and against VAT fraud.’
    • ‘Also we have to sign contracts costing R150, and we never see a copy with the revenue stamps that are supposed to be attached and cancelled.’
    • ‘How the organisers invited him to the dais is inexplicable given that he had been accused by the Legislative Council as a seller of fake revenue stamps.’
    • ‘He was an avid collector of jade, postage stamps, and more recently revenue stamps and licences.’
    • ‘But it did not take long before illegally-distilled liquor, adorned with faked revenue stamps, was flooding the market.’