Definition of revenue sharing in English:

revenue sharing


  • The distribution of a portion of federal tax revenues to state and local governments.

    • ‘Chief government negotiator G.L. Peiris has said the parties will discuss revenue sharing under a federal structure.’
    • ‘It would seem to me that, with the federal cuts and the additional burdens put on cities and states, that we ought to think about revenue sharing now.’
    • ‘While revenue sharing and a salary cap maintained the league's tight competitive balance, financial disparities among the teams were growing.’
    • ‘Both sides agree that there needs to be more revenue sharing than there has been in the past, but they differ on just how much, and then there is the idea of a competitive balance tax, or a luxury tax.’
    • ‘Federal and state investigators are also looking into revenue sharing.’
    • ‘The old revenue sharing program required a federal bureaucracy of about a hundred people in the Treasury Department.’
    • ‘You have to have comprehensive revenue sharing, and it's got to be based not on a ‘Robin Hood’ scheme, where the rich just hand it over to the less rich.’
    • ‘Of course, there must be firm protections for the Kurds, along with revenue sharing.’
    • ‘Under the special autonomy status, Aceh obtains 80 percent of the revenue sharing from the exploitation of its natural resources.’
    • ‘The three other key issues are revenue sharing under a federal power-sharing system, humanitarian aid and reconstruction, and human rights issues.’