Definition of revegetate in US English:



[with object]North American
  • Produce a new growth of vegetation on (disturbed or barren ground)

    ‘each spring we revegetate acre after acre with pine seedlings’
    no object ‘a quarter of the area had revegetated’
    • ‘In the semi-arid context, dunes can revegetate quite naturally and quickly once the initial disturbance has been removed.’
    • ‘The revegetated section already has attracted the Louisiana water thrush, a species never before seen in the area.’
    • ‘The key in this region is to revegetate corridors between remnant stands of native trees and shrubs, such as acacias, cacti, Texas ebony, and guayacan.’
    • ‘So while Sampson hoped to revegetate the Wasatch Plateau more like nature ordinarily revegetated it, he still sought to improve the land to a condition that was better than the original.’
    • ‘Trees, which would take 30 or more years to revegetate, have been conserved to help adapt the new design to its environment.’
    • ‘Unless the damaged areas are quickly revegetated, the eroded soils sink below sea level and the area becomes open water.’
    • ‘During the construction process, Forrest estimated they disturbed another 70 acres that had to be revegetated to its original pristine condition.’
    • ‘In fact, the only activity allowed will be the ethical collection of seeds to help strategically revegetate nearby degraded areas.’
    • ‘But Humphrey and his followers soon became more attentive to the way they saw nature revegetating the mountain.’
    • ‘The validity of this thesis was reinforced when the balds began disappearing as they revegetated under National Park Service management.’
    • ‘As with his attempts to revegetate, his attempt to replace soils mostly failed.’
    • ‘A few land managers even considered exotic reseeding to be a ‘natural’ way to revegetate the mountains.’
    • ‘The company claims that the work is necessary to revegetate the bogs but angered locals say that the flooded bogs are a death trap and loss of life is inevitable is something is not done.’
    • ‘By limiting livestock, controlling deer and elk populations, and revegetating, he said that much wildness could be returned to Utah's mountain and desert lands.’
    • ‘They are often found in revegetating clear-cuts, on farmland, and in rural residential areas.’
    • ‘Initially, Utah restorationists revegetated with plants useful to livestock; eventually, they revegetated with any plants that might survive, turning to native species found locally.’
    • ‘We still want to see good management over that bushland, but the fundamentally critical work is to get the cleared bits that separate the important bushland areas and revegetate them like this.’
    • ‘The Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean governments have launched a program to revegetate dust-generating lands in China, and researchers from around the Pacific Rim have begun intensive studies of Chinese dust and its impacts.’
    • ‘Study after study has identified riverbanks that need revegetating, waterways that need to be cleaned, pollutants that have to be eradicated.’
    • ‘For adventurers who want to immerse themselves completely in the Club's mission, there are service trips, in which participants build trails, revegetate overused areas, or map archaeological sites in splendid surroundings.’