Definition of revealed religion in US English:

revealed religion


  • Religion based on divine revelation rather than reason.

    • ‘The combination of the material and the spirit go together to form the foundation upon which the building of the revealed religion resides.’
    • ‘In a revealed religion such as Christianity, the key question is how God comes to us and opens up a world of meaning not accessible to human investigative powers.’
    • ‘The fundamental principle of religion is that God exists and that He reveals Himself to man, and it is common to all revealed religions.’
    • ‘From the Muslim point of view, this ethic is the common denominator of all revealed religions.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the secular division of church and state also marginalised the truth of revealed religion.’
    • ‘At the same time, this secularism also has traits more commonly found in revealed religions, such as a terrifying intolerance of those who break ranks.’
    • ‘They realise of course that if Genesis is allegory, it throws doubt on the whole of revealed religion.’
    • ‘All claims to the contrary, we must learn to live with partial truths even within revealed religions.’
    • ‘Sikhism is not only a revealed religion, but also a well planned system with definite objectives conceived by Guru Nanak.’
    • ‘A vindication suggested the ills that Bolingbroke had attributed to the artifice of revealed religion could be paralleled by those generated by civil society.’


revealed religion