Definition of reuse in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riˈjuz//rēˈyo͞oz/
  • Use again or more than once.

    ‘the tape could be magnetically erased and reused’
    • ‘Instead, Kearsarge recovers it and reuses it, saving money and protecting the environment.’
    • ‘Reprocessing and reusing devices originally manufactured for single use only is common in U.S. clinical settings, but the safety of doing so is in question.’
    • ‘The jury heard that the 2-inch angle piece was designed to be used once and thrown away but staff there often washed and reused them.’
    • ‘Many facilities in today's marketplace are reprocessing and reusing devices labeled for single use.’
    • ‘The company opts for energy-saving technologies and production processes, and fully recyclable materials; reuses all packaging; and prints most of its literature on recycled paper.’
    • ‘Waste which cannot be reused or recycled will have to disposed of outside of the county.’
    • ‘The theatre company hoped to save money by reusing its existing technical equipment, but in the event all had to be renewed, and more funding had to be found.’
    • ‘This means instead of wasting unused power as most broadband lines, it recycles and reuses it.’
    • ‘In August 2000, the FDA issued its final guidance on the practice of reprocessing and reusing medical devices intended to be used only once.’
    • ‘We are running out of holes to fill, and we can all help by reducing the amount of rubbish we produce, reusing items where possible, and by recycling most of our household waste.’
    • ‘Though what we purchase should be reused and recycled, these two parts of the process don't work alone.’
    • ‘How is the Government helping to ensure that more old tyres are reused or recycled instead of just ending up in the landfill?’
    • ‘Once processed the gravel produced can be reused in the construction industry.’
    • ‘Everything just blends together too much and even the lead singer sounds like he's reusing the same vocals all throughout the disc.’
    • ‘Whatever amount is left over can be reused in total or reclaimed and used as aggregate in new concrete.’
    • ‘By reusing this structure, the school not only conserved resources but also helped to connect itself to the history of the community while preserving it.’
    • ‘Only when waste can't be eliminated by reducing or reusing it should recycling be needed.’
    • ‘A conservative estimate is that more than $485,000 was saved through recycling and reusing materials on site.’
    • ‘It seems a shame to dump this waste on landfill where it causes problems instead of recycling and reusing it.’
    reprocess, convert into something, reclaim, recover
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Pronunciation /rēˈyo͞os//riˈjus/
  • The action of using something again.

    ‘the ballast was cleaned and ready for reuse’
    • ‘Items that can't be washed can be sealed in airtight plastic bags for 10 to 14 days before reuse.’
    • ‘The reuse of some object-oriented code has caused tactical headaches for Australia's armed forces.’
    • ‘The difficult job of retrofitting the historic library for adaptive reuse as a museum went to Gaetana Aulenti of Milan.’
    • ‘There is a huge controversy in Bangladesh regarding reuse of plastic water bottles, which is widely popular these days.’
    • ‘Most of these names will eventually become available for reuse, and so the pool of active names stays at roughly constant size.’
    • ‘So for the last four or five years, cemeteries across Australia have been starting to deal with reuse of memorial plots for ashes.’
    • ‘One organisation that has been trying to extract some of the timber for reuse is the North Sutherland Forestry Trust, which runs a nearby sawmill.’
    • ‘Bathe immediately after work and change all clothing and wash clothing thoroughly with soap and hot water before reuse.’
    • ‘It works just as well only it's much cheaper and can be cleaned for reuse.’
    • ‘Many companies are building business service hubs not only to consolidate their interfaces but to maximize reuse.’
    • ‘Wood is trucked in to heat the molds, to remove the wax for reuse, and to prevent the molten metal exploding during pouring.’
    • ‘The sudden influx of people overloaded these plans and the effluent did not meet the required specifications for reuse.’
    • ‘The Shackleton Hall Working Group met on March 31 to consider the problems of the building and its potential for reuse and development.’
    • ‘The type is then cleaned, distributed to the printing case, and ready for reuse.’
    • ‘One of the world's most extensive audio archives has been rescued from obscurity, ready for remastering and reuse.’
    • ‘She's good like that, my mother; she invented reduce/reuse before anyone else had ever heard of recycle.’
    • ‘As the probably of reuse goes down, data is moved from primary disk storage to secondary storage and then off to tape for archiving.’
    • ‘Lagoon systems are often used to renovate wastewater before reuse.’
    • ‘The days of reprocessing spent fuel to produce plutonium and uranium for potential reuse are numbered.’
    • ‘Bacteria break down the organic matter of fallen leaves, releasing their nutrients for reuse by plants in the future.’