Definition of reupholstery in US English:



  • See reupholster

    • ‘Not to mention today's specials: a dishwasher that thinks it's Niagara Falls and several chairs so overdue for reupholstery that houseguests have taken to politely asking where they can make donations.’
    • ‘During the twentieth century particularly, much good work from the past has been lost, either by reupholstery of the wrong kind or because economically careful restoration has not been possible.’
    • ‘A good reupholstery job is often nearly as expensive as a new piece of furniture - which is understandable, since it should be like new when it is done.’
    • ‘Patrick Mabaso, a successfully rehabilitated prisoner and the founder and manager of the reupholstery project at the church, is a prime example.’
    • ‘To increase automotive safety, I installed seat belts and Jesus tapestry reupholstery.’