Definition of reunification in US English:



  • Restoration of political unity to a place or group, especially a divided territory.

    ‘we will strive for the peaceful reunification of the motherland’
    • ‘Hostility between them has lasted since 1953, despite successive efforts by the South towards reunification.’
    • ‘More time will give the South an opportunity to prepare for the reunification.’
    • ‘The commission attempted to elaborate on the legal side of reunification.’
    • ‘The spillover economic benefits of reunification also have a political payoff, integrating the countries of the region in a set of cooperative commercial relationships.’
    • ‘Politicians find reunification a useful issue to be exploited for their own political causes.’
    • ‘Their president proposed the concept of political integration rather than reunification.’
    • ‘In the years immediately following reunification, this empty terrain slashed through the newly open city.’
    • ‘The reunification of the country ushered in a "Golden Age" for the banking industry from 1927 to 1937.’
    • ‘The churches were important actors during the negotiations toward reunification.’
    • ‘His tireless efforts for a quick German reunification paid off well.’