Definition of retype in English:



  • Type (text) again on a typewriter or computer, especially to correct errors.

    • ‘Do they think that their competitors are incapable of retyping the list, or what?’
    • ‘If you didn't use a lawyer, you could always retype the entire document and then sign it in the presence of two witnesses and a notary.’
    • ‘If you don't want to hire an attorney, another option is to retype your existing wills word for word as they are written, while at the same time making your desired changes.’
    • ‘I really hate retyping everything from scratch…’
    • ‘Once you've created a master page, you can save it to Quickbrowse's home page so you can access your master page without retyping your list of URLs.’
    • ‘The document was not in the form we had written it, nor in the format then used by news copytakers, but had been retyped, perhaps for some legal purpose.’
    • ‘African researchers retyping manuscript drafts are from Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar and Tanzania.’
    • ‘If the reporter needs to rewrite or edit the release, it is much easier to edit an electronic message than to retype a fax or a hard copy of the release.’
    • ‘There are older posts dating back to September 2000, but I have no means of copying them across - short of retyping them.’
    • ‘Such a decision could lead to lots of bits of paper having to be retyped.’
    • ‘This text has been retyped by Thomas Callanan and adheres to the punctuation, spelling and capitalization as it appears in Wharton's translation.’
    • ‘And while the Find-and-Replace tool was unusable, I could manually repeat a simple Find and repeatedly retype the replacement text.’
    • ‘We welcome submissions through e-mail because that saves us the bother of retyping the selected manuscripts.’
    • ‘Hunter's manuscript pages were themselves manic, bristling works of art designed to turn the long, tedious job of writing, editing, polishing, and retyping a manuscript into a task worth staying up for.’
    • ‘The other, sad to say, spends his time with ice packs clamped to his head as he types and retypes learned treatises of astronomical length on all manner of extremely worthy - but holistic - subjects.’
    • ‘Entries come in stocky scrapbooks, neatly pressed folders, and retyped full pages.’
    • ‘A few days later Mr Fielding asked him to retype the documents.’
    • ‘All memberships are now being recorded through the Internet, leading to huge savings in time and energy - not to mention the prevention of errors in retyping the bad handwriting of players…’
    • ‘Jo turned his attention to the computer for a moment, retyping a small section of text so it sounded better.’
    • ‘There are no negatives to print another photo, no printed first drafts to retype an essay.’