Definition of retrodiction in US English:



  • The explanation or interpretation of past actions or events inferred from the laws that are assumed to have governed them.

    ‘an argument based on retrodiction’
    ‘if you discount retrodictions then one is hard pressed to find good examples’
    • ‘What Rusty is referring to here is not prediction but retrodiction - it's looking back from the perspective of modern theories and reading those facts back into the Genesis account.’
    • ‘Could it not be that the retrodiction of a past Bang in which the entire Universe was squeezed to a point arises entirely as a consequence of following the expansion backwards in a perfectly symmetrical fashion?’
    • ‘To unambiguously cover cases of retrodiction, the assumption is better put in terms of the unobserved resembling, in relevant respects, the observed.’
    • ‘By retrodiction of the effect we seek to trace back the hypothetical cause.’
    • ‘We obtain a necessary and sufficient condition for perfect retrodiction of the outcome of a known generalized measurement, given the final state, for an arbitrary initial state.’