Definition of retransmit in US English:



[with object]
  • Transmit (data, a radio signal, or a broadcast program) again or on to another receiver.

    • ‘The compression works by only retransmitting the bits of subsequent images that are different from previous ones.’
    • ‘If errors occur during transmission, the data can be retransmitted without adversely affecting other users on the network.’
    • ‘Any packet that would have been lost is retransmitted until it gets to the other side.’
    • ‘Furthermore, while we are re-transmitting lost data, all of the successfully transmitted data that came after the lost data must wait until the lost data has been retransmitted to prevent misordering the data.’
    • ‘It is a safe and reliable technology, as it encrypts and retransmits data.’
    • ‘The screen apparatus cannot take a signal from a remote source and interpret and retransmit this signal instantaneously, but does so in that very interesting space of time we refer to as ‘realtime’.’
    • ‘It may be required to allow the hardware to catch up or to carry out an activity after specified time intervals, such as polling a device, flushing data to disk or retransmitting a network request.’
    • ‘The modified signals are then retransmitted via geostationary satellites to users' receivers.’
    • ‘On the net it is even harder to know who has access to your personal data, and any information you provide can be instantly retransmitted.’
    • ‘As a product of the Cable Act of 1992's retransmission consent requirement, cable operators refused to pay for network programming they had previously retransmitted for free.’
    • ‘The satellite can then collect the data and retransmit the information from one satellite on an ultrahigh-capacity optical data link using lasers.’
    • ‘Device response times could not be guaranteed because of data collisions and the delays in retransmitting data.’
    • ‘The equipment reads the header, determines what kind of alert is being sounded, and then the station interrupts its programming to retransmit it (with its own identifier) on the air, and starts carrying the audio live.’
    • ‘On most days, local radio and television stations retransmitted the IMN signal, but the IMN provided only 4 hours of local programming per day.’
    • ‘That client can then send a request to all the other session participants asking for the packet to be retransmitted, and any client that has the requested packet can respond.’
    • ‘When the transmission encounters a disturbance due to interference, the packet will simply be retransmitted on a different channel.’
    • ‘They did say at the time that it was possible that these could have been recorded transmissions all transmitted from somewhere else and retransmitted in this area.’
    • ‘While Canadian law does allow cable companies and others to retransmit U.S. broadcast signals from that country, U.S. copyright law prohibits those companies from transmitting back across the border without specific authorization.’
    • ‘The World Series by Nissan is currently shown in all five continents and is retransmitted to 54 countries.’
    • ‘As the name suggests, this device listens for incoming network traffic, and then retransmits it with an amplified signal.’