Definition of retranslate in US English:



[with object]
  • Translate (a translation) back into its original language.

    • ‘On the other end of the line - usually at one's Internet service provider - another computer uses a modem to retranslate the information into a language that computers can use.’
    • ‘An award-winning writer of 11 previous books of history, travel and biography, Nicholl retranslates many of da Vinci's mirrorscript writings.’
    • ‘But if the analogue signal is plugged into an LCD panel, the signal must be retranslated into digital before being displayed, compounding the translation errors.’
    • ‘Most of these translated sources - including the Loeb library, a scholarly collection of source materials - are now being republished and, if not retranslated, at least re-edited to include previously expurgated passages.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the original English version of one of these interviews isn't available in print, so I am forced to retranslate it from Russian, when quoting Mr. Kasparov.’
    • ‘So, translators have been working on books translated into English, and then retranslating them into Swedish.’
    • ‘His collected works were translated in 1899-1902 and have been retranslated many times since.’
    • ‘This work was first translated into English in 1975 and has been retranslated for this edition by Willem Samuels.’
    • ‘He reported this tale on the strength of hearing it told in Kikongo to an interpreter, who translated it into Portuguese to a second interpreter, who retranslated it into English.’
    • ‘For your convenience, I have retranslated it back into English via the superbly and totally accurate Google tool; I think the following clearly and expertly sums up what I am about and what I have to offer the house.’
    • ‘Often a single English sentence would last a whole paragraph, and the pronoun references would quickly become ambiguous unless you could retranslate it from the Latin or check the source material from which the story was taken.’
    • ‘You should read the Japanese translation, which was retranslated back into English.’
    • ‘The quotes have been retranslated into English.’
    • ‘His translation is often inaccurate, and so I retranslate these entries where necessary.’
    • ‘This well-known text has been retranslated into more inclusive language.’
    • ‘In effect, he was retranslating into English what Parthasarathy had written.’
    • ‘That may be because there is a longer way of describing it or because something is summarised in the term ‘runanga’, but I would have assumed that ‘runanga’ is a Maori word and would not need to be retranslated into Maori text.’
    • ‘It is the challenge of the viewer to retranslate visual images back into thoughts in order to understand what the artist is ‘saying.’’
    • ‘Manson says classic plays should repeatedly be retranslated to resonate in the current era, and translators like Thompson should take great licence.’
    • ‘Another article, ‘Philippe II’, also appeared in Écrits II, but it was retranslated from the Italian version; the original French text is included here for the first time.’