Definition of retool in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Equip (a factory) with new or adapted tools.

    • ‘Putting in more expensive tape drives would up server prices in the price-sensitive small business market, and might require factory retooling.’
    • ‘At the same time, growing demands from operators for highly customized handsets could force Nokia to retool its manufacturing to accommodate smaller production runs.’
    • ‘Since the chemical could be used pre chill with an inside/outside washer, processors would not have to retool any of their current machinery or procedures.’
    • ‘When tweaking the design for the next model year, ‘we redesigned and retooled every jig in the shop.’’
    • ‘That sidesteps the need for costly retooling at manufacturing plants.’
    • ‘Building a new building, retooling a factory - that is modernization in a visible and tangible form.’
    • ‘Composites cost up to eight times as much as aluminum, and the newfangled plane will require suppliers to retool the manufacturing process.’
    • ‘It was a massive change of direction, as if Caterpillar Inc. had decided quickly to retool all its bulldozer plants to start making passenger cars.’
    • ‘But it wasn't simply a matter of retooling existing factories.’
    • ‘We retool each year just to change the design of cars… surely we can do the same, albeit on a grander scale, to shift more commuters to public transit.’
    • ‘Three years on, Boeing is retooling some of the world's most complex manufacturing practices, while shaking the kinks out of its supply-chain process.’
    1. 1.1 Adapt or alter (someone or something) to make them more useful or suitable.
      ‘he likes to retool the old stories to make them relevant for today's kids’
      no object ‘perhaps one can even retool for the afterlife’
      • ‘This requires retooling the entire order-processing system.’
      • ‘Wary of further litigation, many universities retooled their speech policies, using language from federal antidiscrimination law and renaming them racial or sexual harassment codes.’
      • ‘Whether it's entrepreneurship, career development, or money matters, we've retooled the site to be as informative and utilitarian as possible.’
      • ‘These days the chef's justly fabled beet salad, a miracle of tart-sweet citrus sections and candied walnuts, has been retooled to feature a gorgeous section of honeycomb at its heart.’
      • ‘It's that Tharp has taken the rather tired conventions of the story ballet and retooled them for the twenty-first century.’
      • ‘At Michigan, accounting professors retooled required courses to include detecting accounting tricks and weighing the pros and cons of operating within the rules but at the edge of ethics.’
      • ‘Programs will be retooled to address the weight loss connection, being careful to only use content that's fully supported by research, Burkman says.’
      • ‘Veritas has retooled its OpForce management software to improve the way the code works with its existing products and to make it easier for administrators to control applications.’
      • ‘Dunning and his team re-energized and retooled the company, for the most part by whittling away its operating costs while at the same time extending its brands via spinoffs, launches, events and other multimedia platforms.’
      • ‘Bump explains how he retooled a first-year honors course to focus on writing and emotion, subsequently earning no less than three prestigious teaching awards for his achievements.’
      • ‘The next step was to retool the company's promotional materials, adding the new logo and testimonials from customers in different industries.’
      • ‘Many of the power drive animations have been retooled, giving you a different feel for game action when you really pound the ball, and the camera angles on some shots are framed nicely for dramatic effect.’
      • ‘Next year they are shutting our plant down to retool for production of three different vehicles simultaneously.’
      • ‘Or they must retool themselves to enter certain managerial, professional, sales, and technical occupations.’
      • ‘Today, she says, ‘we all think of ourselves as a gourmet,’ so the book needed to be retooled in order to speak to a less specialized audience, including changing the tone of the recipes.’
      • ‘That meant retooling his workforce, retraining personnel and even repositioning the brand.’
      • ‘The school house must retool quickly to provide relevant training to a larger number of students.’
      • ‘We've changed our logo (look again), we've revised our design, we've added new columnists, and we've retooled our departments.’
      • ‘So they retooled their sales and marketing arms, and revamped their cars by adding features such as more stringent emissions controls.’
      • ‘And as the outsourcing shops grow and provide similar services to a growing pool of customers, they can increase productivity by retooling software that was written for one client and adapting it for many others.’
      • ‘Hazel is well-positioned to play a key role in retooling the automotive giant.’
      • ‘Columbia has gone back and retooled this movie into a two-disc set filled with all-new supplemental materials.’