Definition of retiree in US English:



  • A person who has retired from employment.

    ‘retirees with large pensions’
    • ‘Female retirees often receive only half of the pension benefits of men due to pay disparity.’
    • ‘The DVD might provide a pleasant evening for retirees in the mood for some innocuous nostalgia.’
    • ‘A very funny scene shows retirees patrolling the waters of Florida in an effort to provide some geriatric form of homeland security.’
    • ‘Soon the retiree began soliciting friends in the trade for any rare or curious fixtures they might have squirrelled away.’
    • ‘The company may have been reducing medical benefits for its retirees.’
    • ‘The economic problem of caring for a large number of retirees in the future cannot be solved with private accounts.’
    • ‘Believing there is still dignity to be had in his work, the crafty retiree hatches a plan.’
    • ‘In 1962, construction was completed on houses there for Danish foreign service retirees.’
    • ‘In promising a fixed payment over a number of years, corporations commit to transfer a portion of future earnings to retirees.’
    • ‘They welcome chess players of all ages, from tots to retirees.’